DJR Energy Operations

The San Juan Basin is known as one of the most prolific gas basins in the world, with remarkable production from shallow Cretaceous coals and tight sands. Oil produced from Late Cretaceous Mancos or “Gallup” sands using new horizontal drilling and completion technology has come to the forefront in the past five years. Since 2011, over 34 Million barrels of oil equivalent have been produced from horizontal wells in the San Juan Basin Mancos play. DJR Energy has acquired over 350,000 net acres in the San Juan basin to develop this widespread and highly economic resource. Drilling and producing horizontal Mancos oil wells drives DJR’s daily operations. Additional production comes from vertical wells producing in a multitude of Cretaceous targets (Fruitland, Pictured Cliffs, Point Lookout, Mancos, and Dakota Formations among others) between 2,000’ and 8’000’ TVD. Activity in the basin is managed by an experienced operational staff from offices in Denver, Colorado and Aztec, New Mexico.

DJR Energy operates under the name DJR Operating, LLC.